London's Finest
Artefacts and Art Collections

British Museum

The British Museum is home to a vast collection of artefacts from all continents from prehistory to the Middle Ages.

National Gallery

It may not have as large collection as other famous galleries in major European cities, however, it contains some of the greatest masterpieces by some of the most brilliant artists in history.

Tate Britain

Art collections of Tate Britain impress with both quantity and quality. The oldest in the network of Tate galleries houses the most comprehensive collection of British art over the last five centuries.

Science Museum

Another member of London's finest museums is dedicated to science and technology. It is home to a huge collection of all sorts of objects which have played the key role in technological advances.

Natural History Museum

The British Museum's neighbour holds priceless collections of life and earth science objects, many of which also have a significant historical value.

Modern Day Artefacts

Whilst we specialise on looking at artefacts on display throughout London which carry much historical esteem, we also want to make a note of all the modern day artefacts being made today. Wonderfully designed pieces which will in several years time no doubt be admired for their design and beauty much in the same way we marvel at items from long ago now. This is especially true no doubt for artefacts being constructed from the finest natural materials. Rattan and/or teak garden furniture, glass vases, first of a kind electric vehicles and more. Nothing compares to admiring the strategy and designed our great ancestors used hundreds of years ago but none the less, beauty is all around us.